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What is Yoga?

Yoga is the practice of learning to integrate and work with the physical body as well as the mind and the spirit.

Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy with a healing and preventative nature through which we can achieve health for the body, mind and spirit, on the path to reaching the most precious goal in life of enlightenment of the soul.

The practice of yoga is to integrate the exterior with the interior of an individual. The union of the intelligence of the body with the intelligence of the spirit.

Yoga demands a significant amount of time dedicated to physical processes from its students, especially pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas (postures).

It aims to purify the nervous system and strengthen the body to achieve a state of liberation from cold and hot, pain and pleasure and even hunger and thirst. The expert Yogi can withstand lack of food or water during periods of time unthinkable for a human being that has not trained their body and strengthened their intentions.

One of the advantages of practicing Yoga is that it transforms the ordinary human body into a powerful container with vitality and longevity. In this way the yogi does not interrupt their path with sickness or physical discomfort, and thereby extends their life to, in theory, have enough time to complete their spiritual path.

Some schools seek to develop the body to the point of the capacity for immortality.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that Yoga has the capacity to heal and prevent illnesses, promoting health and healing energy for overall wellbeing.

We open our doors to retreats in nature, with tranquility and impressive views that these dramatic cliffs provide us.

The only sounds you will hear are the waves, your breath and your heart.

Rediscover yourself through postures (asanas), inhalations, exhalations (pranayama) and meditation.

In the pool you can break the ice, hang out, have quality time and rest.

On the Terraza del Mar, which is the biggest, you can do many different classes, including ones that require expansive movements.

The Terraza de los Pájaros also provides this freedom but in a bit smaller area. This terrace is perfect for meditation and relaxation exercises. Remember we have separate bathrooms for men and women on these two terraces.

The Shala, with a projector and a wall for projection, in addition to yoga practice, is a great space for conferences, group dynamics, meetings and alternative exercises.

Here, the best time to practice is at dusk when the sun sets perfectly below the cliffs on the horizon of the ocean.

The Shala is the highest point on the property, so the views are really spectacular.

The recommended number of people for the Shala is 25 (to be able to move comfortably) or 50 people seated.

The living room and communal dining room are perfect meeting places.

This is where group meals take place and occasionally workshops and meetings as well. Keep in mind that we have a Chef on our staff, to offer catering services.

We are open to your needs or any new idea that can be carried out in our space.

Remember that our rooms have all the conveniences so that you can relax and enjoy your stay or leave here satisfied with the retreat that you held with us.

We hope to meet you and that you can benefit from the beautiful energy of this place!

For more information our Mexican phone number is +52 (55) 2702-3134 or write us at [email protected]






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