• Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado


Perhaps the best views of all belong to this space...

At the highest point of Casas del Acantilado, the Shala (Sanskrit for "school" or "house") has front row seats to the most spectacular sunsets of the Pacific. And if not, at least the top of the list for people who love the sunset over the ocean.

To practice yoga or any other exercise in this room is a sublime experience that awakens all the senses and raises awareness of oneself and the space around you.

Together with the tides, the sounds of the wind passing through the leaves of the trees accompany your breathing and movement, making them into a fluid river that dissolves the perception of time.

Here, we forget about problems and to-do lists, we move and breathe to reconnect with the secret inner parts of ourselves.

This Shala can be used for group dynamics, projections, conferences, meetings, activities of all kind and any project that promotes personal growth.


  • ½ bathroom
  • Wood floor
  • Up to 25 people
  • $4,500.00 mxn for 8 hours






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