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  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado


Located in the same location as the original pool, with views of La Roqueta and surrounded by Casa de la Tierra, Viento, Sol and Mar, this place is ideal to break the ice, relax, lay in the sun, take a dip.

The pool was Errol Flynn's (Robin Hood of Hollywood's Golden Age) favorite place to entertain. Surrounded by good Whisky, women and the best music of the day, this actor enjoyed his summer afternoons basking in the sun and fresh air of Mexican beaches.

During winter, from the pool we can trace by sight the path of the whales and dolphins on the surface of the ocean as they travel south on their natural migration.

The night lights of the fishing boats as they head out to sea under the moon light up the night sky for those of us who enjoy hanging out until the wee hours or simply soaking in the water until our muscles are totally relaxed.

The rules of the pool are flexible and allow our visitors to relax while snacking, drinking and enjoying meals.

A table in the shade provides a comfortable spot for all, outlets for music if you wish, and the perfect water temperature.

If you like, this space is also great for social events or special occasions. Our event planner is happy to help.


  • Complete bathroom
  • Hours: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • $2,400.00 MXN for 4 hours
  • $500.00 MXN each additional hour






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