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  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado


We consider the Oratory the most special place on the cliffs and probably of this part of Acapulco. Those who have visited know what we are talking about.
Those who haven't only need to visit to confirm it.

Its special orientation showcases the sunset over the sea at 270º, andthe Oratory has a vanguard architectural design that connects in a raw and immediate fashion with nature because of its transparent floor that shows off the hight of the cliffs and the ocean as it crashes against them.

This structure imitates a living creature in the way the wind blows freely, the light shines through and the sound of the sea completely enthralls the visitor.

A perfect space intentionally made for silence and contemplation of this planet, weather it be in solitude or meditating in your own way. 

Because of the "flying" nature of this construction, the sensation is like floating above a sea with only the horizon and a reddish sun before you.

For yoga retreats or spiritual activities, the Oratory is the perfect space for moments of meditation and connection with oneself.

Supporting up to 12 people the Oratory permits group activities with the aim of finding peace and listening to nature in all of its splendor.

Photographs of people, groups and couples are especially sought after in this space, which is like few others in nature.

We could say that the Architect Plutarco J. Barreiro "outdid himself" building such a dream.






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