Habitaciones Coral

It could be said that the Coral Rooms are the ¨wildcard¨ of the property because they function as extra bedrooms to add onto another house you have rented, to create more sleeping space, or also as rooms to stay in if you don´t need the option to cook or use the living room to feel at home.

Their views are also spectacular, being located below the Shala and the Casa de la Luna and above the Casa del Agua, they share the same sea view toward the horizon and the beaches of Pie de la Cuesta.

The deep blue goes on and on as far as the eye can see.

These rooms have all the comforts necessary to make your stay enjoyable. Daily cleaning service, hot water and personalized attention.

For big groups or whole families that stay with us, the Coral Rooms are a perfect option for additional bedrooms where the guests can sleep but also during the day hang out and share meals with the family members or friends staying at the other houses.

This section has a fantastic flying balcony that will make you feel like you are above the ocean, and a hallway that lights up at dusk.

During winter, whales, dolphins and other marine animals swim by on their migration through the deep Pacific Ocean. From this height you can enjoy watching their fins passing by and taking an occasional breath (or even a jump sometimes) and at night the lights of the fishing boats sparkle in the dark.

Sleeping with the waves crashing in the background, for us, is priceless. That is why we think one of the best things about this place is the close contact with nature, from whom our daily lives are sometimes detached.

2 bedrooms • 4 guests • 1 additional guest

It has:





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