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  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado
  • Casas del Acantilado


Thanks to the balconies, rooms, dining areas, shala and varied sleeping arrangements, Casas del Acantilado is also a place for forming bonds with people and their work. We think these houses are perfect to maximize the experience of the encounter you have planned.

In this case, all the spaces (even the hammocks) are available for the activities you wish to realize. From Team Building to long meetings where the fresh air and change of scenery will be welcomed.

In the pool you can break the ice, hang out, have quality time and rest.

In the Terraza del Mar (up to 150 people) you can do group activities. The Terraza de los Pájaros as well, with a maximum of 60 people. This balcony is perfect for meditation and relaxed exercises.

Remember we have separate bathrooms for men and women.

The Shala, with a projector and a wall for projection, is a great space for conferences, group dynamics, meetings and alternative exercises.

The recommended number of people for the Shala is 25 (to be able to move comfortably) or 50 people seated.

There is a bathroom in the Shala but it is closer to the houses than to the balconies.

Finally, the living and dining rooms are perfect for meeting places.

That is where the meals usually take place as well as additional meetings.

Keep in mind that we have a Chef on our team to provide meals if you desire.

So we welcome you to define your mission and vision in a very different atmosphere.






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