Casa del Viento

The wind caresses the mediterranean stone walls bringing with it the aroma of the sea and a salty breeze.

On the private balcony, one floats above the cliffs with the open sea in front and sunsets that paint the sky tones of red and intense purple.

Another fantastic place on the property to watch the sunsets because the view extends from Puerto Marqués to Pie de la Cuesta, with Isla Roqueta on the way.

Intimate conversations or moments of solitude can be found on this "hidden" balcony where the best company is oneself, facing nature just as it is, impressive.

This house is ideal for small families or an intimate group of friends.

Because it has a small kitchen and a lovely dining area, it´s ideal to have meals here.

We have had groups that spend Christmas in this house in a warm, intimate setting.

The house tempts you to not even want to leave, because all the elements are on hand to enjoy your vacation and relax.

For the weekend, a week or even months, Casa del Viento is perfect to connect with nature and get away from the city with its chaos and daily rush.

2 bedrooms • 4 people • 2 additional guests

It has:

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