Casa del Mar

Visual poetry in the making…

Enjoy the feeling of being on the deck of a ship on the high seas.

The view of 180º runs from Pie de la Cuesta to Puerto Marqués, passing La Roqueta Island and the open sea ahead of you.

In Casa del Mar, the huge terrace that combines the views of East and West of Classic Acapulco and the arquitectural design that unites them is unparallelled.

The perfect option for creative people, to reflect and seek tranquility and contact with nature's imposing beauty.

In a European "loft" style, this sea view house has balconies, living room, dining room, kitchen in an open layout where the breeze flows freely and the views are spectacular whichever way you turn.

The bedrooms, at the back of the house, have the privacy you desire, or if you want to live the complete experience, we also offer an open-air bedroom (King Size futon) with a full bathroom.

This way you can even take a bath without taking your eyes off the immense blue horizon.

Casa del Mar is vanguard architecture without sacrificing comfort for guests that will find a space so comfortable that they won't want to leave.

The terraces are perfect for sunbathing and a breeze floats through the living room, while you relax or do any other activity you like.

All the doors of this home are sliding doors that make it an open and cool place.

Our visitors confirm that this is one of the most impressive sea view houses in all of Acapulco.

2 bedrooms • 4 guests • 4 additional guests

This house has:

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