Casa de Agua

The rhythm of the waves and the sensation of a luxury cabin make this house a cradle to rock even the most accelerated person to a deep sleep with the sound of the ocean.

The community kitchen in this house makes it ideal for those of us who enjoy fine dining and taking time to prepare meals.

As in Casa de la Tierra, one of the most isolated houses of the property and closest to the cliffs that sustain it, on the lower level.

Casa del Agua is perfect for those who like to travel alone, resting and enjoying their own company. The bedroom with a Queen Size bed is isolated from the others.

As in all the houses, the views make this place truly spectacular. Just stepping out of your bedroom you will see the open ocean, blue and unending, waves breaking on the rocks and pelicans gliding over the surface.

The dining and living rooms in Casa del Agua are communal because they are the biggest of the property.

Here is where meals are prepared for yoga retreats and special groups that visit us.

Up to 30 people can dine here, where our Chef can assist you in the preparation, or guests are welcome to cook if they prefer.

Just let us know and we will have delicious options that suit your needs available.

2  bedrooms • 3 guests • 2 additional guests

This house has:

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